A modern concept in Textile Industry

Polychem was established in Italy in 1996. It is a young, dynamic enterprise addressing itself to markets of natural and synthetic thickeners for textile printing as well as to markets of auxiliaries for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing.Its key staff has long, specific experience also previously matured in other companies.Polychem's strengths are represented, in addition to the products quality, by its capabilities for problem solving with great attention to user needs even by formulation of taylor-made products. By applying very attentive quality control in production processes Polychem can optimise quality consistency.

Best combination of quality and production cost has been obtained for some key-products by establishing production processes with own technology and quality control where raw material is produced, such as guar gum, TKP and sea-weeds (close co-operation has been strengthening with Qingdao Tongli).

Polychem has a remarkable presence in world-wide textile printing industry: a large variety of natural and synthetic thickeners under continuous quality innovation is supplied for any textile printing application.

  • Synthetic thickeners based on polyacrylate inverse emulsions
  • Natural thickeners based on derivatization of guar gum, TKP, maize starch and alginic acid and blends of them. These are available with different derivatizations and specifications (including a wide viscosity spectrum) to meet any user needs.